501(c)3(b)(s): Deprogramming for Organizational Growth

Episode 94- Solidarity with Tommy Nixon & Kevin Mo-Wong (Part 5 of 7)

June 1, 2021

Episode 94: If there is a model for how a small grassroots organization serving a community grows into a force that accomplishes its goals, it is Solidarity. Solidarity is one of the 29 Recession Star organizations that grew from small to large with surprising success against the backdrop of the Great Recession.  The organization started at $156, 000 in 2008 and grew to $645, 000 by 2012, as the recession came to a close. That is a 419% growth! By 2018, they had reached the million-dollar mark. In total, this is a 642% growth overall. I interviewed Tommy Nixon, founding CEO, and Kevin Mo-Wong, who helped found the organization as second-in-command, and now leads Solidarity as its current Executive Director.

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